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I hope you and your family are staying healthy and safe these days. These are extremely challenging times for all as we navigate through this Covid-19 Pandemic. I am not taking the same approach as some of my colleagues and other professionals where some are continuing to conduct non-essential real estate despite the directives from the Real Estate Council of BC (RECBC), which governs and oversees all of our provincial realtors and also the health warnings from our Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry.

This was the RECBC’s statement on March 20th:

RECBC’s recommendation is in alignment with recent statements from the BC Real Estate Association and some local real estate boards, who have strongly recommended that their members not hold open houses. In addition, the Real Estate Errors and Omissions Insurance Corporation has advised today that showing homes or holding in-person strata annual general meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic creates risks for real estate professionals, who will not be insured if a client or member of the public is inadvertently exposed to the COVID-19 virus.
“In light of the recommendations from government, and the significant health and professional risks, RECBC is advising real estate professionals to avoid open houses, in-person showings and strata annual general meetings at this time” said RECBC’s CEO, Erin Seeley. “This is an extraordinary situation and we must put public health first. While we are aware that this may have a significant impact on business practices for real estate professionals and consumers, we must continue to prioritize public safety.” 

It seems daily there are new developments and directives and some Real Estate Associations across our country have issued comprehensive guidelines of what is essential and non-essential real estate, which aligns with my personal approach to my business and which I have been following since our Provincial State of Emergency was declared on March 13th. It is and will continue to be my philosophy moving forward as we navigate this unprecedented and difficult time and the health and well-being of my clients and family will always be paramount.

There are a lot of things we can do remotely, online and over the phone, but unfortunately, I have taken the approach that I won’t be heading out to any in-person client meetings, to show any properties or list anything new.  I am only dealing with current transactions and listings that are underway (what I have deemed “essential” real estate).

I am suggesting to my clients, both buyers and sellers, that we put things on pause right now and do our part to stop this spread and re-assess when the coast is clear to safely conduct some form of business. It is just too difficult to gauge where the market currently is and where it is heading during this pandemic. I feel the priority should be the health and well-being of family, friends, neighbours and everyone in our community and country.

I think we are heading for a challenging few weeks as our outbreaks continue now that we are community spreading. I am doing my part by staying home other than the last resort trip to get groceries or medications for my aging parents and my family.

My philosophy has always been to commit myself 100% to anything that I set out to do, including my dedication to my clients. Now, I am committing 100% to stopping this virus just as we British Columbian’s have been asked to do. 

As Dr. Bonnie Henry says, “Stay safe, be well and be kind”…